This Police Man Rides Jeepney And Passengers Did Not Expect Him to Do This Before He Got Off!


Cops are, more than ever, involved in different controversial issues. With the influence of the present administration, policemen are becoming fodder for everyday discussion. Stories where they are involved varies from heroic deeds to heinous crimes.

The picture of a policeman below sparked online discourse among netizens. At the first glance, it seemed to be an ordinary photo of a cop riding a jeepney. What made it go off on Facebook is the story behind this photograph.

The photo which already garnered 138,000 reactions and has been shared 10,786 times was posted by netizen Allen Joseph Macario. The cop's photo was captioned with a very enlightening story.

According to Macario, the cop was identified as Senior Police Officer Agravante. Macario narrated his experience with SPO Agravante, saying he saluted the public servant. 

SPO Agravante rode a jeepney which was already full of passengers. Due to lack of available seats, he decided to do what most male commuters do and position himself outside the vehicle ("sumabit"). When some of the passengers got out of the jeep, that was the only moment he went inside and took a seat.

Moments after, he handed over his fare. However, he was paying not only for himself but also for the senior citizen sitting beside him. 

Because of his outmost respect, the driver refused to accept the cop's payment. What SPO Agravante said shocked the citizens inside the vehicle.

"Anong gusto mo? Magkaibigan o magkaaway tayo? Tanggapin mo na 'yan," SPO Agravante said humorously. He insisted on his payment which the driver eventually accepted.

When the cop finally went off the jeepney, the citizens inside could not help but express admiration and salute towards his humility and kindness. According to Macario, the woman sitting beside him uttered "Yan ang mabuting pulis hindi corrupt."

Macario could not believe that a public servant like SPO Agravante still exists in a society where cops are part of numerous controversies. For him, SPO Agravante is a role model for all.

What would you tell to policemen like SPO Agravante? Share it in the comment section!
Source: TNP , Facebook

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