This Plant Can Help Cure Diabetes, Kidney Problems and Hypertension


Do you know that Abelmoschus escolentus is good for you? Not familiar? Surprise, surprise it's just your plain old okra vegetable. 

The Okra plant also known as lady fingers, ochro or gumbo is a perennial and flowering plant under the Malvaceae (mallows) family that is cultivated in healthy loam soil or manure-rich and fertile soil.  
Okra grows in tropical and temperate regions around the globe, its origins is in NorthEast Africa. But it can also be found SouthEast Asia, including the Philippines. It is usually found in Sinigang. Other alternative ways to cook it or prepare it would be to roast or fry it. It is mainly identified by its edible green pods found inside the plant and measures 5-15 cm and slimy texture. It is best harvested at its immature stage while it is green and tender or roughly 45-60 days after planting it. 

Aside from being rich in dietary fiber,  Vitamin K, Vitamin C and pyridoxine. Okra has these other health benefits:

- Helps in regulating blood sugar

- Boosts a person's immune system

- Prevents and cures kidney diseases

- Fights asthma

- Lowers cholesterol

Eating just the okra plant itself, can be challenging. So here is a drink that you can prepare at home to consume the benefits of this nutritious plant.


1. Prepare 2-3 okra vegetable. Wash it well. 

2. Slice off the head and tails of the okra. 

3. In a container, put the okra together with water. 

4. Let it sit overnight. Drink it before eating breakfast for best results. 

You can do this everyday or on your own pace and routine. 

A simple and healthy drink that will surely help you prevent and cure various diseases. 

Would you try this Okra concoction?

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