This OFW Miraculously Woke Up From a 9-Month Coma And is Now Preparing to Go Back Home!


An OFW's story has gone viral across the Internet. This time, it wasn't because of employer abuse or drug trafficking, but because she miraculously woke up from a 9-month long coma. 

Perlite Almote is a 35-year-old supervisor for a well-known Dubai courier company. On April 18, 2015, she was rushed into the hospital after being found unconscious in her bathroom. Doctors discovered that she suffered from a stroke, specifically an intracerebral hemorrhage. 

“Perlite suffered from an intracerebral hemorrhage due to aneurysmal bleeding," said Dr. Zeyad Al Rais, Head of the Critical Care Department at Rashid Hospital. 

Almote had to undergo numerous crucial surgeries to take out the blood from her brain. She needed the help of the ventilator for more than 2 weeks as her respiratory and hemodynamic functions were affected in between the surgeries. 

“Hence the decision was taken to perform tracheostomy, which helped her to gradually be weaned off the mechanical ventilation. We also started early physiotherapy to enhance her muscular power, while she was in coma.” explained Dr. Rais. 

Dr. Rais, aided by the other doctors in Rashid Hospital, did their best to better Almonte's condition. 

In January 2016, she miraculously woke up from her coma! She was unresponsive for 9 months. 

Upon regaining her consciousness, Dr. Rais immediately engaged her in an intensive and active physiotherapy rehabilitation program to speed up her recovery. She also underwent neurological rehabilitation. 

“Now, after nine months on being comatose on ventilator with tracheostomy tube, I am happy to say that the patient is fully conscious,” Dr. Rais happily shared. 

As time passed, Almote's condition slowly improved, even regaining her motor skills and her speech. Her two children were flown to Dubai in 2016 to help in her recovery. 

This OFW Miraculously Woke Up From a 9-Month Coma And is Now Preparing to Go Back Home!

“I am glad that I am recovering and I can’t wait to go to the Philippines to see my children,” she said, grateful to Dr. Rais and the staff at the Rashid Hospital, who she now considered her family. 

“Our aim is to make her independent as much as possible so that she can lead a regular life,” Dr. Rais stated.

This OFW Miraculously Woke Up From a 9-Month Coma And is Now Preparing to Go Back Home!

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