This Netizen Got the Surprise of His Life When He Saw His Long-Lost Kitten in This State! MUST SEE!


Facebook user Jonil Manatad Novela thought that he would celebrate the Day of Love with hearts and roses. Instead, he was greeted by an injured kitten on his doorstep

Novela claimed that he had a kitten who had been missing for the longest time. On February 14, he found their kitten badly injured. According to him, the kitten needed to have stitches on its ears and eye.

He expressed his feelings of rage on his status, saying “Bakit hindi na lang po ang sugatang ninyong puso ang tinahi nyo ngayong Valentine's Day? </3 </3” 

Novela said that he has no idea who hurt his kitten but said that the person who committed the heinous act should have just done it to him or herself. 

He continued with, “Gupitin mo din yung tenga mo para cute ka. Inaano ka ba ng kuting? Makarma ka sana!” 

“Kung may problema ka sa pag ibig, bakit hindi yang puso mo yung tahiin mo. Kung wala kang kadate ngayong V-day, pumunta kang Jollibee kupal ka!  Doon ka mag pa bida.” 

“Pumunta ka ng Luneta, pagtripan mo yung mga couple don, hanggang masira mo ung relasyon nila, huwag lang tong kawawang mga kuting na to,” he stated. 

This Netizen Got the Surprise of His Life When He Saw His Long-Lost Kitten in This State! MUST SEE!

Novela said that his kitten’s name is July and that it is now currently under the care of his aunt. Its injuries are being treated but he said that more stitches might be needed. 

Many netizens commented on how Novela’s post emotionally affected them and how it broke their hearts

Facebook user Joy Jennifer Credo Ramos said, “ Grabe yan,. Naiiyak ako “ with three crying emojis. “bwiset yang gumawa nyan ,” she continued, followed by three angry-faced emojis. 

Watch how badly the kitten was injured:  


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Source: TNP , Facebook

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