This Hilarious Game is Perfect for Couples This Valentines Day. MUST WATCH!


A particular video in the internet went viral after showing couples playing a rather interesting yet odd game for Valentines day!

The video starts with couples facing each other. The emcee will either shout "door", "window" or "room". Each word corresponds to a body part to touch. The "door" is the private area, while the "window" refers to the chest, and the "room" is the head. Once they touch the wrong body part, they will be out of the game.

The couples did their best despite the game's insane mechanics! Their panic and competitiveness added more laughter, but the couples do not seem be bothered by it. The netizen's reactions were quite divided. Some think that the game shouldn't be shared on Facebook and be seen by children as the content is somewhat for adults. But many find it funny, and look forward to trying the game as they celebrate Valentines day!

As of this writing, it already garnered 3.7 Million views, and over 24 thousand reactions. It has been shared 98 thousand times as well! 

Watch it below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: TNP, Facebook

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