This Guy Gets Owned By The Girl Of His Dreams During a FlipTop Battle. But Watch How Gentlemanly He Rapped 'Til The End!


In a contest that's usually won with profanities, obscenities, trash-talking and foul-mouthing, the Shernan versus Lil Sisa battle is actually a breath of fresh air.

The usually curse-laden competition turned into a "hugot" showdown when the two faced off on stage for a FlipTop Rap Battle. 

That is at least true for Shernan's part of the battle because Lil Sisa did not hold back one bit. 

At first, Shernan admitted that he had a major crush on Lil Sisa two years ago. But he was quite heartbroken because she was into another rapper.

Lil Sisa then ripped him to shreds mainly pointing out how unsightly Shernan is.

But he took the high road and stuck to dishing out hugot lines which drew laughter from the crowd. 

After three rounds, Lil Sisa was declared the winner with a score of 4-1.

Good thing is that Shernan and Lil Sisa are actually married. And this is Lil Sisa's first time to be on stage after coming back from a temporary hiatus.

A true gentleman, Shernan really knew how to treat a lady. Or perhaps he knew he would get more than an earful if he had said more than he should. Well played, Shernan.

Fliptop battle is the first and the most popular professional rap battle league in the country. Founded by Alaric Riam Yuson, or Anygma, FlipTop aims to promote hip-hop culture in the Philippines

The hip-hop competition is composed of three rounds where rappers are given a certain time limit to deliver their rhymes. The contest goes into overtime if there is a draw. Though there are judges scoring the rounds, the verdict is also affected by the impact of a rapper's lines on the audience.


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