This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!


Cosplayers are really good at their craft. Their passion for dressing up really deserves recognition and adoration from their fans. Moreover, their ability to express themselves in whatever kind of costume they wear is something not all people can do.

These are some of the assumed reasons why Facebook user Miguel Oozomaki is really fond of cosplayers. However, this guy's attraction for cosplayers was taken toba different level as he asked a cosplayer for some nude pictures. It seems his simple adoration went unexpectedly wild.

His conversation with a cosplayer suddenly hit the internet by storm as netizens did not expect this to happen to him!

Miguel approached a cosplayer through an online chat. In the beginning of their conversation, everything seemed to be normal. This guy praised the cosplayer and expressed his admiration. The cosplayer on the other hand was grateful and thanked him for his affection. Moments later, Miguel started to send provoking remarks to the cosplayer.

Not long after, Miguel directly asked the cosplayer what he wanted. He asked the other person to send him nude photos.

Apparently, the cosplayer responded! Miguel received a photo from the cosplayer! The cosplayer even asked him if he wanted to get more!

Miguel then said a big yes!

However, what happened next is something he did not see coming!

Check out their conversation here:

This Guy Asked a Cosplayer for Nudes and Surprisingly Gets What He Deserves!


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