This Guy Just Wanted To Buy A Flower For His Lady Despite Not Having Enough Money. What the Saleslady Did Broke The Hearts Of Many Netizens!


We see lots of different things every day but rarely do we get to see something extraordinary.

This is exactly what happened to Facebook user Giulia Singsong Zahar, who shared a story on her page. Her post tells the story of someone who was desperately trying to get flowers for his significant other, only to be offered a wilted piece. He paid the same price that other customers paid — customers who got fresher, more beautiful flowers.

According to Zahar, she was walking when she saw a man in a Wilcon uniform — she figured he was a salesman — who was standing right behind a flower counter, trying to check the flowers and their respective prices. 

This Girl Sees a Salesman Buying a Flower for His Lady for Valentine's Day and Gets Heartbroken When She Learns About His Story!

She guessed that he was looking for the most affordable one that could fit his budget while he kept surveying the prices. Zahar saw that the lady manning the counter gave the man four wilted roses that were priced at 100 pesos. 

The man looked at it for a long moment and Zahar figured that he was wondering whether the flowers presented to him were worth the hundred pesos he would have to pay. She noted that this took him around three minutes or so. 

The man, Zahar narrated, finally took the lady’s offer and watched as she wrapped the wilted flowers. Zahar noticed that the man was also served last after the lady behind the counter served other customers. 


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