This Girl Ordered From Jollibee But Was Shocked When She Saw Who Delivered Her Food!


What would you do if you ordered fast food delivery but had the police show up at your door a few minutes later?

That is exactly what happened to a female facebook user from Davao.

The woman posted the following status update on February 3, 2017 accompanied by a screen shot of her SMS conversation with a Jollibee employee. The employee informed her that her order could not be brought to her as expected because the delivery guy got into an accident.

"So i ordered from Jolly Delivery. After 40mins., daghan kaayo police sa among doorstep. Turned out the delivery driver had an accident and the police took the initiative to deliver my food. Shoutout to the Davao Police for saving dinner. #BidaAngSaya #Davao"

The customer then replied that her order reached her anyway, only, it was the police who brought it to her. She added that the police thought that it would have been a shame if she didn't get her food. They were worried that the customer would get hungry.

Check out her reply:
"Oo ang mga police ang nag deliver. Nagbayad rin ako sa kanila."
"ok na deliver na ng Police ang orders ko. Sayang kasi daw baka gutom na ang customer,"


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