This Father's Family and His Male Lover Share the Same House!



An upcoming episode of GMA’s Wish Ko Lang, hosted by Vicky Morales, will feature an unusual dilemma which affects an entire family.

Andrea’s family has suffered from poverty ever since her father was fired from work. They lived on the streets and struggled to feed themselves on a daily basis.

One day, their father came to them with great news - he finally found a house where the entire family could stay.

However, the family was shocked to discover that someone else was going to live there with them. Their father was seeing another man – a gay man who offered to shelter his family.

Andrea, her mother, and siblings tried to make the new living arrangement work. However, it was clear that the family was uncomfortable knowing they shared a roof with their father’s male lover.

Moreover, the family felt pressured by the gossip circulating the neighborhood about their unconventional living conditions.

Curious to find out what happens in the end? Then tune in to watch the performances of Assunta De Rossi, Jerald Naoles and Kim Idol on 'Wish Ko Lang' this coming Saturday on GMA-7!

This Father's Family and His Male Lover Share the Same House! Catch Their Story on GMA's Upcoming Episode of 'Wish Ko Lang'
Source: GMA, TNP

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