This Best Man Forgets This Couple’s Wedding Rings! What Happens Next Will Surely Surprise You!


A wedding is one of the greatest milestones in one’s life because it signifies a great transition towards an altogether new chapter, where one creates his or her own family with the person you’ve chosen to be with forever – or till death parts you.

It’s one of the most highly anticipated events and there are cases of people who’ve actually experienced wedding jitters during the days – or even weeks – prior to the big day. You can’t blame them, getting married is indeed a very overwhelming experience.

It’s not just the couples who feel nervous, though. There are also maids-of-honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and best men who have been known to experience jitters as well – just like in this man’s case.

Facebook user Laura Russell shared a video on the Facebook page ‘The LAD Bible’ which featured a best man forgetting the wedding rings of the couple about to be married. During the part of the ceremony where the best man was supposed to hand over the rings to the priest, he suddenly panics, realizing he does not have it with him.

He runs away, of course, and then the wedding becomes a comedy.

The scene jumps to show a puppy snoring with a cell phone ringing right beside it. The next scene shows the phone already on the puppy’s ear. Then the puppy suddenly sits up, ignores the phone, and then ‘Eye of the Tiger’ starts playing in the background.

The puppy immediately grabs the case containing the wedding rings with his paw and then runs outside. The puppy continues to run along the beach. After a few more running sequences, the puppy suddenly emerges wearing a coat!

Source: TNPFacebook

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