This 63-year-old Mother Who is Nearly-Blind Traveled Miles Just To Make Her Sick Daughter a Bowl of Chicken Soup!


There's nothing that can compare to a mother's love. 

This old woman lives in a remote village while her daughter lived in the city. One day, the old woman was informed that her daughter got sick. 

She was reminded of how she would make chicken soup for her daughter when she was younger whenever she got sick. She thought of doing the same thing and rushed to her daughter.

However, her route to the city was far from easy. She lived miles away and had to cross rivers and spend 36 hours on a bus just to reach her daughter. When she finally reached her daughter's place, she promptly prepared chicken soup for her sick daughter. 

When the daughter got to see the soup her mother prepared, she noticed that it didn't look like how it looked when she was younger. But when she tasted it, she realized that it was rich in flavor. Perhaps she was able to taste her mother's immense love for her. 

The old woman headed back home as soon as her daughter and granddaughter finished the meal. 

The daughter was touched by the gesture and decided to pay her mother a visit in the remote village where she lived. However, when she reached her mother's house, she discovered something unexpected. 

She learned that her mother was nearly blind, one eye had a cataract and the other suffered from severe presbyopia. Despite her condition, the old woman still managed to visit her daughter in the city and take care of her like she used to.

Watch the heartbreaking video below!

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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