This 51-Year-Old Man Married Six 13-Year-Old Girls and Now Has 29 Children With Them!


Polygamy is an act deeply embedded in various cultures throughout history, the most widespread and socially acceptable form being polygyny - men having multiple wives. Thus, news of men marrying plenty of women doesn't seem to shock the majority of people who hear about it. In Islamic culture, for example, polygyny is allowed and even celebrated.

However, one man stands out due to the strange story behind him having numerous wives.

51-year-old Thomas Arthur Green or Tom Green is a Mormon fundamentalist from Utah. He is also a practitioner of polygamy.

Tom Green was once the subject of an hour-long British-made documentary entitled 'One Man, Six Wives and Twenty-Nine Children' released back in the year 2000 for the New York International Documentary Film Festival.

According to the documentary, Green created his own camp-town far from civilization where he housed his six wives.

Green clarified that his practice is not out of lust but love - a sentiment that his wives echoed, each claiming that they truly did love the man. 

It is important to note that most of his wives were underage at the time that he married and impregnated them.

Green was at the center of a high-profile bigamy trial for half a century, however, his wives sided with him and refused to testify against him. The trial even gained the attention of international media.

Green was convicted of child rape in June of 2002 for consummating his marriage with 13-year-old wife Linda Kunz. He was sentenced to five years in prison. Additionally, Green was convicted a second time and was sentenced to five years to life imprisonment.

However, he was granted parole on August 2007.

When the story broke out on social media, many netizens remained skeptical, refusing to believe the story. These people have obviously never seen the documentary featuring Green's depraved idea of love.

Watch the documentary below:

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