These Best Friends Went From Bes to Bae When They Confessed Their Feelings in Front of Kuya Wil!: 'May Gusto Na Yata Ako Sa'yo'


This was proven by bestfriends who were present in today's episode of Willie Revillame's afternoon show, Wowowin. The couple admitted their real feelings for each other in front of the live audience and on national TV.

Delfin and Vane who are both students of Bulacan State University have been enjoying each other's company for one year now. They have been bestfriends for a long time. Delfin, who was a contestant of one of the show's portions, took the opportunity to tell the world how he truly felt for Vane.

According to Delfin, his bestfriend Vane encouraged him to join the show. On the other hand, Vane affirmed and claimed that she stayed with her bestfriend for long hours during the audition process. 

Willie Revillame then gave the floor to Vane so she could tell everyone all the things she wanted to say to her bestfriend. Vane thanked Delfin for everything and assured him that she will always be there for him.

"Salamat dahil nakilala kita, nandiyan ka para magbigay ng tips pa'no kumopya, ay sorry. Pa'no magbigay ng alam mo naman, mga problema ko, 'yon. Salamat sa paghawa ng ka-toyoan mo ganon. And always remember, I've got your back bro," Vane said.

Delfin anwered her back by thanking him for being one of his inspirations.

"Vane, maraming maraming salamat sa inspirasyon na binibigay mo. Sa totoo lang, isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko. Then ayon. Sa pagtyatyaga, sa effort na 'pag may problema ako, andyan ka. Ayon. Kinakabahan talaga ako eh," Delfin nervously stated.

When the audience thought that Delfin would stop it from there, they were surprised of his following statements.

"Maraming maraming salamat kasi 'pag may problema nga ako, andyan ka. Tapos parang 'di ko alam eh. Iba na 'yung feeling ko," he added.

When he stated those words, the crowd started to cheer. On the other hand, Vane was shocked byt what she heard and clarified everything. Delfin then explained further.

"Iba na 'yung feeling. In short tutal andito naman na ako lubusin na natin. Ayon eh kahit ganto ako. Masabi ko lang 'yung nararamdaman ko para sa'yo. Vane, isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko. Lagi kita iniisip. Ayon siguro. Eh may gusto na yata ako sa'yo," Delfin stated.

The Wowowin audience cheered with love as Delfin bravely confessed his feelings towards his bestfriend.

The boy claimed that he is willing to wait for the right time when both of them are ready for this kind of relationship.

Meanwhile, still shocked by Delfin's confession, Vane said that they will talk about it soon. She once again assured Delfin of her unending support.

Kuya Wil then asked Delfin if he really fell for Vane. The boy immediately said "yes" to the host. He later on identified all Vane's characteristics which made him fall in love. Before the segment ended, Delfin claimed: "Face doesn't matter". His words made the crowd go wild.

At the end, Kuya Wil bid them good luck and advised them that happiness among them is the most important.

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Source: TNP , GMA

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