These 2 Car Owners Have Consecutive Plate Numbers And You Will Not Believe What Happened When They Met!


There are times when destiny will do something cute to two people in an unexpected way. 

Christian Bacani was only 32 years old when his current IT company hired him in 2012. He was immediately promoted as a project manager. By this time, Christian owned a Toyota Vios which he purchased in December 2007. Its plate number ZMK-514 played a significant role in his love life.

By the time Christian was hired by his current IT firm, Tway Ocampo also became their employee. Tway was also promoted as a project manager the same month Christian got the position. Surprisingly, she also owns a Honda Civic with the plate number ZMK-513.

Both of them were working at the same company with the same position, hired at the same time. Both of them are also car owners whose plate numbers came after the other.

They were completely unaware of these amazing things until one night, destiny snapped and informed them of this 'coincidence'.

"We were hanging out and going for dinner with another officemate when she noticed our consecutive plate numbers at the parking lot," Christian recalled.

Top Gear Philippines did not go into further detail about what happened after that night but as the title said, the two promised their vow of forever to each other eventually.

Sweet as it may seem but Christian admitted that the fact they share serial plate numbers did not in any way affect his desire of being in a relationship with Tway. It just happened that he suddenly felt the urge to pursue his wife disregarding the cute coincidence about their plate numbers.

"In fact, it was quite ironic since we both did not believe in serendipity. But thinking about it now, it seems God was trying to remind us to believe in fate," he shared.

Neither of their vehicles were used as their bridal car when they got married on October 18, 2014. However, they still share 'conjugal possession' of the sedans.

Do you believe that destiny has its own unique way in making two people end up together? Share your insights with us!
Source: TNP, TopGear

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