The Handsome Guy in Chokoleit's Kissing Video Finally Speaks Up!


The previously unidentified man who was seen kissing Chokoleit has finally broken his silence

John Benedict Martinez is revealed as the so-called "hunk" who was recorded locking lips with Chokoleit for about a minute

The video made a lot of buzz on social media shortly after it was posted on Facebook early this week. The video was reportedly filmed at a club

Following the release of the short clip, Chokoleit posted a short status update on his official Facebook page that was apparently meant to be a reaction to his viral video. The comedian's status update read as follows: 

The Handsome Guy in Chokoleit's Kissing Video Finally Speaks Up!

Netizens thought the issue ended when the comedian posted his thoughts on the issue. However, a day after the video went viral, a facebook user supposedly revealed that Chokoleit's kissing partner apparently only agreed to kiss the comedian in exchange for a new iPhone7

Netizens were shocked with the new development and the issue was reignited. 

But it seems that the internet was wrong once again. A new development about Chokoleit's kissing video has surfaced. 

John Benedict Martinez, also known as the "gorgeous guy who kissed Chokoleit for an iPhone" has finally spoken up about the accusations leveled against him. In a recent status update, Martinez had the following words to say regarding the issue:


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