Swedish Woman Gives Up Everything To Live In The Philippines Permanently!


29-year-old Sanne Sevig found her peace and happiness in the small island of Siargao in the Philippines. This successful Swedish woman took the extra mile just to start a new life in the paradise she found on the other side of the world.

Sanne's journey never came easy for her. Before she found her new life in the Philippines, she was completely a different person. Siargao Island changed her and now she is happily enjoying what she has become.

Sweden never offered Sanne what she found in the Philippines. In her home country, she was living a life fraught with expectations, worries and stress.

Aside from her own company, Sanne also managed the Stockholm Clothing Company in Sweden before she moved to the Philippines. While working on all these corporate endeavors, she was also a student at the University of Skovde, Sweden and a lecturer in her own country. At the age of 25, she could not handle all the pressure coming from her business-oriented world.

Sanne started to experience fatigue and insomnia. She was unable to tolerate silence even for a few minutes. In addition, she almost lost her life in 2012 when she fainted inside her car while driving. This particular accident made her decide to quit her jobs and move abroad.

One of her friends suggested Manila be her safe haven. She went to Manila and immediately fell in love with the Philippines.

Upon witnessing the country's wonders, she decided to sell everything she owned to stay in the Philippines for good. She then decided to move to Siargao Island and start a new life.

Sanne has already stayed in Siargao for 4 years. She started to run her own hostel in partnership with her boyfriend. Siargao gave her the time, peacefulness and happiness that she was longing for in Sweden.

"Living in Siargao means there is a lot of time. Time for fun things because we're not working 9 to 5. I work when I want to and if I don't want I do fun things instead," Sanne said in an interview. 

Sanne also has a message for people who want to change the course of their lives:

"You don't have to book a ticket on the other side of the world. Just stop for a second and breath and figure out what gives you energy. If you just stop and feel, you will know. We are very smart. My advice, start with something new"

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