Sinon Loresca Goes Viral Worldwide With His Miss Universe Catwalk Video and Gets Invitation To A US TV Show! WATCH HERE!

Weeks after the recently concluded Miss Universe 2016, a particular video caught the attention of the netizens. In the video, a chiseled man in a bikini and a pair of heels did a rather spectacular catwalk.

It drew laughs from many netizens and launched Sinon Loresca to instant fame. His video earned around 24.7 M views in 9gag's Facebook page.

Loresca, a comedian who appears in Eat Bulaga from time to time, took his reaction to his Instagram account. He went emotional after thanking the fans and those who viewed his video. He captioned the short video with "THANK YOU GUYS FOR BRINGING MY CATWALK WORLDWIDE.

The video also caught the attention of one of America's popular TV series "The Doctors". He shared a screenshot of an email from Rachel Glass, who works in the TV show, asking for Loresca's location. Loresca captioned the photo saying "Omg omg omg! THE DOCTORS"



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