Shocking: Lee Min-Ho Admits Being 'Obsessed' With A Girl He Met In Boracay


A statement made by popular Korean star Lee-Minho is currently trending online. The actor apparently was smitten by a girl in Boracay a couple of years ago. It was recently revealed that Min-ho's trip to Boracay in 2014 was extended by the actor without telling the public the real reason.

Shocking: Lee Min-Ho Admits Being 'Obsessed' With A Girl He Met In Boracay

The Korean superstar known for his portrayal of Gu Jun-pyo in 2009's Korean remake of the Japanese manga series, Boys over Flowers, has recently revealed that he found himself "obsessing" over a girl he met in Boracay a while back. Min-ho said he met the lucky lady at a hotel in Boracay while he was staying at the popular tourist destination in 2013. In January 2014, the actor returned to Boracay to shoot a commercial for Filipino retail giant, Bench. Prior to the trip, Min-ho did an interview with KNA Korea. He reportedly said the following:

“I just want to be there and do my job. I have personal business to do there as well. I just want to see her and check what she’s been doing. You know I always have scary thoughts and I’m jealous for nothing. I think I’m possessed.”



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