SHOCKING: Julia Montes Makes a Fan Cry When the Fan Asked For a Photo With Her!


Mara Hautea Schnittka, or fondly known as Julia Montes, has been praised for her melodramatic acting prowess and sweet-natured attitude ever since she started her career as a Star Magic talent back in 2004. However, the 21-years-old actress might have a mean streak as well.  

In a video released by her home network ABS-CBN, Julia Montes participated in comedy talk show 'Gandang Gabi Vice's' segment where the actress was supposed to be playing a prank on her fans. The episode hashtag for that night was #GGVDobleTawa, a reference to Julia Montes' current television series 'Doble Kara,' where she plays twins Sara and Kara. 

According to 'Gandang Gabi Vice': "Igu-goodtime ni Julia ang ilan sa kanyang fans sa pamamagitan ng pag-arte bilang Sara at Kara.' It could be noted that Sara, one of Julia Montes' roles, has a self-centered, egoistic attitude. The role of Kara, meanwhile, is that of mellow and sophisticated girl. 

In the video by 'Gandang Gabi Vice,' Julia entered a restaurant and ordered a food. Two girls immediately recognized her and said in excitement, "Juls, pa-picture..." with smiles on their faces. 

Julia acted as Sara that time and answered the fans, "Teka lang, order lang ako, puwede? Okay lang?" which left the girls shocked, as they were expecting Julia Montes to be cordial and friendly, the trait she was known for in public. 

The actress then disappeared as she said, "CR lang ako" and quickly returned with a friendly disposition. She approached the fans who initially went to her and played the role of Kara. "Uy, kamusta? Okay lang, okay lang kayo?" she asked and even hugged one of the girls. 

The younger girl, meanwhile, or the one who asked her for her picture, stared at her in disbelief and covered her mouth as she witnessed the exchange. Then Julia noticed her and invited her for a photo-op. "Lika, lika. Bakit ka nate-tense?" she asked with a laugh. 


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