Sen. Trillanes to Pres. Duterte:'Ilabas mo ang tapang mo dito. Ipakita mo na mali ako.'


Early on Thursday, February 16, 2017, Senator Antonio Trilllanes IV made an appearance on national television with another revelation related to previous claims about President Rodrigo Duterte's alleged "secret" bank accounts. 

The new development in the senator's investigation regarding the President's alleged ill-gotten wealth shows the involvement of Duterte's common law wife, Cielito Avancena

Last year, Senator Trillanes started his campaign to expose what he believes to be the president's hidden wealth. Early in 2016, the senator spoke to the media about his discoveries regarding Duterte's bank accounts. 

Based on his investigations from April  2016, Trillanes revealed that the president made transactions worth about Php 2.4 billion through 17 separate accounts in three different banks. Trillanes added that the accounts mentioned were opened by the president (who was still the mayor of Davao at that time) in his home city and in Metro Manila.

Trillanes' discovery from last April came with a challenge for Duterte; "Prove me wrong."

During his interview with the press early on Thursday, Trillanes made a callback to his famous line from April last year. However, with the new revelation came an addition to his previous challenge. After presenting his new discovery, Trillanes added that he will resign if the president furnishes the public with copies of all his previous bank transactions. 

Trillanes' report on Thursday revealed that, in addition to the alleged 2.4 billion-peso transactions from last year's investigation, the president's common law wife, Cielito Avancena, also had about Php 200 million distributed in several bank accounts. 

The senator gave a detailed report of his new discoveries in an 18-page document that he distributed to the press. 

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, highlights of the document include the following list of transactions allegedly made by Avancena in 2016:

1. January 8, 2016, cash deposit of P887,100.00 at BPI-Davao main
2. January 18, 2016, cash deposit of P1,500,000 at BPI-Davao main
3. February 1, 2016, inter-account transfers of P646,182.44 at Metropolitan Bank
4. February 11, 2016, check deposit of P621,725 at Metropolitan Bank
5. February 19, 2016, inter-account transfers of P3,323,867.90 at BPI-Davao main
6. February 19, 2016, inter-account transfers of P3,323,867.90 at BPI-Davao main
7. February 19, 2016, inter-account transfers of P3,323,867.90 at BPI-Davao main
8. February 19, 2016, time deposit pre-termination-credit memo of P3,323,867.90 at BPI-Davao main
9. March 4, 2016, inter-account transfers of P571,611.13 at Metropolitan Bank

Watch Trillanes talk about his latest discovery here:

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Source: TNP , YouTube, Inquirer

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