See-Through Skirts Could Be The Newest Fashion Statement In Japan! This Is Definitely Worth A 'Second Look!'


Japan is home to some of the loudest, craziest and weirdest fashion trends the internet has ever seen. Remember those "gyaru" with blindingly colorful hair and fake tans? Or the Victorian Era-themed "lolita" fad complete with the petticoats, bonnets, and parasols? Or the trashy blonde-haired "yankii" style? Yep. Japan. 

But the country goes to a whole new level of crazy and it's  guaranteed to drive you nuts!

Introducing, Japan’s newest fashion trend, the see-through skirts, otherwise known as man’s best friend. Or women’s. We don’t judge.

The concept behind this piece of clothing is quite simple: to save some people the trouble of imagining what lies beneath those troublesome skirts. 

The pre-printed designs come in many buttock shapes and sizes to cater to different tastes. And with plenty of panty patterns to choose from, women can direct the right amount of attention they want to their shapely bottoms.

But before you pack your bags and fly to Japan to see women wearing see-through skirts in real life, prepare for a little heart-breaker. They don’t exist.

These images are just photoshopped for Japanese adult magazines. As a country with one of the liveliest adult entertainment industry in the world, publishers will come up with just about anything to stimulate sales. 

Just last year, Japan also broke the internet when news came out that the country’s adult movie industry was desperately in need of male actors. At that time, there were just 70 male performers compared to 10,000 females. 

The country also produces about 4,000 adult films a month - which just goes to show just how much “business” is booming there. 

This doesn’t mean that see-through skirts won’t make their way into women’s closets. Given the right fashion climate and amount of craziness from our Asian neighbors, we just might see these skirts come to life. This is Japan we’re talking about after all.  


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