Watch Here: This Homeless Man Is Counting Change at Chick-Fil-A When 3 Teenagers Approached Him and Drop Heavy Bags Under His Table!


Ryan Cook and two of his friends went on a quick trip to Chick-fil-A restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas to grab a bite in the quiet evening.

When they went to the restaurant, the three teenage boys spotted a homeless man sitting at a nearby table. They saw that the man, Eddie, looked like he was counting his change and struggling to find enough money for the meal he just took.

They also noticed that Eddie had a worn Bible on the table, along with a photo of Jesus. Later on they learned that the homeless man was a frequent customer in the restaurant. He barely request for handouts except if it's for his beloved dog, Socks.

Whatever Eddie receives, he hands over first to Socks.

The quiet evening of Ryan and his friends took a slight detour. They decided to buy Eddie some gift cards to Chick-fil-A.

The kind gesture felt too small for them so they left the restaurant to come over to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They spent $50 on a brand-new jacket, a winter hat, three shirts and a first-aid kit. Dick’s was also in on the donation and gave $20 and some of their extra display items.

Ryan wanted to record the special moment when they returned to the restaurant. They found Eddie still on his table and counting change.

Eddie's reaction was priceless.

“Just setting an example for everyone else,” Ryan wrote on Facebook. “Be selfless and do good for others, then the world would be a better place for everyone. Felt the need to post this to inform others to do better, not to gain anything from it.”

Watch the touching video here:

Source: TNP, YouTube

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