Real-Life 'Vow' Shares a Story Similar To Jollibee's Viral Commercial! 'She's happy with the man, a better man she ended up with'


Jollibee has been the trending talk of the town on social media for days now because of their viral Valentine's Day advertisement series. Their ad campaign made many Filipinos' hearts break.

When Jollibee's story of a man who got 'bestfriendzoned' in the story 'Vow' came out, it made Martin Cervantes reminisce on his own experience.

On his Facebook post, Martin relayed how he was stunned upon watching the commercial by Jollibee as he claimed he shared "an almost uncanny similarity with the turn of events" in the advertisement. He recalled how he met the love of his life and how he decided to let her go so she could be with a "better man" instead.

Real-Life 'Vow' Shares a Story Similar To Jollibee's Viral Commercial!  'She's happy with the man, a better man she ended up with'

Martin shared his story with his bestfriend, Christine

He recounted that he knew Christine since Grade 5 as they were neighbors, bus mates, and schoolmates. They shared many life events and he witnessed Christine go through a lot of pain in her love life. 

He asked for the chance to be her boyfriend. He got the chance but, unfortunately, their romantic relationship ended after a year. He recalled with ABS-CBN that it was a bad break-up which happened through a text message. After several years, they became reconnected and decided to be friends again. Christine then met her 'happily-ever-after'.

"We reconnected after a few years. I had my life and she had hers, the guy is good, taking care of her really well. I was happy for her," Martin recalled through ABs-CBN's phone interview.

On her wedding day, Christine asked Martin to be the wedding commentator. He gladly accepted the role, only to find out that a part of him would be shaken as he realized how much he still loved Christine. But because of his sincere happiness for her, he accepted that she would end up with far better man who would love her unconditionally.

"I had the best view of her and then it hit me, I turned away from it and wiped a few tears, I didn't know why that was happening. I thought I was okay, I gamely accepted the role in her wedding but I knew at that moment it was part regret but a bigger part was sincere happiness since she was going to a good man who would take care of her," Martin said.

"I had to get myself together, holding it in the whole time. But I was very happy for her, happy that she's happy with the man, a better man she ended up with," he added.

Martin's story is not just about how he was 'bestfriendzoned' but it is also a story of moving on. His unconditional love for Christine made him accept the way things turned out. According to ABS-CBN, the two remain best friends.

The real-life 'Vow' protagonist is positive that he will eventually find his own happy ending.

"I still believe in the good. I am hopeful, still an idealist. I didn't get my happy ending but it is a work in progress," Martin said.

Have you also experienced being 'bestfriendzoned'? Share your story in the comments section below!

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