Police Just Arrested Another Cohort of Peter Scully, the Australian Sex Fiend, and She Is as Innocent-Looking As The First One!


Cut off the head of a snake, and the rest of its body dies.

That seems to be the case for Australian sex fiend Peter Scully's operations when another one of his cohorts fell into the hands of the police this Thursday, February 16.

The suspect, Ma. Dorothea Chia Chi, was apprehended in Barangay 18, Cagayan de Oro City.

Chi was one of Scully's recruiters who would go around the country luring poor children with promises of food and money. The children are filmed being sexually abused and streamed online to depraved patrons.

Currently detained in Barangay Lumbia, Chi will be facing four counts of qualified trafficking charges. 

The organized group led by Scully, was behind the infamous 'Destruction of Daisy' video that sparked outrage among many netizens.

The Australian pedophile was arrested in Malaybalay back in 2015 after authorities discovered two naked teenage girls chained inside his apartment.

Just this January, Scully's 23-year-old girlfriend, Liezyl Margallo, was also arrested in Daanbantayan, Cebu. Dubbed by the police as 'Savage Girl', Margallo was filmed torturing 'Daisy' in the horrific and obviously illegal video.  

Police have also recovered the skeleton of a girl in February 2015 inside one of Scully's previous apartments in Surigao. Scully allegedly killed the toddler back in 2013.

Margallo said the little girl was killed after they learned that she started telling neighbors what they were doing inside Scully's apartment.

Other individuals linked to Scully's illegal activities were Christian Rouche, Alexander Lao, Haniel Caetano de Oliveira and Marshall Ruskin.

With the guilty falling one by one, the case may soon be given closure. Yet justice can only do so much for the parents of these abused children and for these young victims who will forever be scarred by the ordeal. 

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Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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