PNP Warns: Netizens Who Shared 'Destruction of Daisy' Will Go To Jail Too!


Everyone who has shared, planning to share or get a copy of the infamous "Destruction of Daisy" video will face persecution. 

This the stern warning of the Philippine National Police to all netizens who will, in any way, distribute the said video. 

Netizens got curious about the disturbing film after the police revealed its existence following the arrest of Australian pedophile Peter Scully and his cohort, "Savage Girl" Liezyl Margallo

Although the video is no longer available online, some netizens were able to grab hold of a copy before it was banned. Others even share it to boost online traffic to certain websites or simply to get their temporary online fame.

Some even went as far as sharing the illegal video on their own feed.

The Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009 Section 4 states that:

(d) To possess any form of child pornography with the intent to sell, distribute, publish, or broadcast: Provided. That possession of three (3) or more articles of child pornography of the same form shall be prima facie evidence of the intent to sell, distribute, publish or broadcast;

(l) To possess any form of child pornography.

That means that netizens who have shared the video in any way is also liable to the same crime as Sully and Margallo.


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