Pia Wurtzbach Seen Saying Goodbye To Miss USA Goes Viral And This Is The Reason Why!


After the most prestigious beauty pageant was held in the Philippines last January 30, 2017, many Filipinos, continued to relive "the most beautiful day in the universe" by posting their respective thoughts, opinions, and what not into the social media.

Among the multiple of content churned out by social media users that day, some really stood out. Take this video, for an instance. According to a popular source, a clip of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach embracing Miss USA Deshauna Barber has gone viral.

Pia Wurtzbach Seen Saying Goodbye To Miss USA Goes Viral And This Is The Reason Why!

For the past year, Pia Wurtzbach has been roommates with Deshauna while she stayed in New York during her one-year reign. According to Pia's fans and supporters, she is a warm and friendly person who can get along with all types of people.

In the video, Pia Wurtzbach hugged Miss USA Deshauna Barber while they cried together during the recently concluded pageant. GMA News reported that they said their farewells to each other after being roommates in New York.

YouTube user Oscar Dassault commented, "I think, this is the main purpose of Miss Universe. Besides connecting the world it creates friendships and bonds between women, no matter where they come from, or what language they speak, or how different is the color of their skin, language, religion or their social background. An image like this one makes it a true BEAUTY pageant."

User Macy Vaughn added, "in this video you can witness how lovable Filipinos are.. they can be a friend to anyone no matter where you came from"

Lots of netizens poured praises for Pia. She also developed a warm kinship with 2015's Miss USA Oliva Jordon, who described Pia as "her universe."

According to her, "You will always be my #MissUniverse but I am so pleased that you crowned another #confidentlybeautifulwithaheart queen today, who I hope will continue your legacy of wearing the title with humility, strength and grace."

Here is the whole footage of Pia Wurtzbach hugging Miss USA:

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Source: TNP , GMA

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