Netizens Go Crazy Over Mucus Girl, the Young Girl Who Taking A Selfie on a Retail Store’s Sample Phone


A young girl grabbed the attention of many Filipinos with a minute-long video posted on Facebook. But the video itself is definitely not something that she wanted to post herself. 

A Sales Associate at a technology store by the name of Albert Angeles posted a video on Facebook featuring a young taking a selfie video. The adorable young girl was doing all sorts of cute faces and wacky poses and even got Bungkay, her buddy, to take a picture with her. Things got a little messy when she unintentionally got mucus bursting from her nose.

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Netizens loved the young girl and was all over everyone’s feed, as it reached almost 600K views and 11 thousand shares in less than a day of posting. Most of the comments on the video was all just long versions of “Haha”.

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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