Netizens Cry Foul Over RBreezy Rape Joke!


When you click on the 'About' button on RBreezy's Facebook page, the first thing you see is a warning from the adminisrator.

"WARNING: This Page Contains Videos, Text, and Photos that may contain nudity, strong language or material that some may find offensive. R-18"

After the warning comes a brief summary  of what the page is all about. 

Rbreezy's administrator claims that the page is "a viral media production that creates, collects and passes on to you only the latest, funniest and most shareable content on the internet. Whether it’s viral videos, memes, Events or trending stories in the Philippines and other parts of the World."*

The page is a popular source for alternative local news directed towards those who are into all things viral. The page also claims that it aims to help those who need a boost for their social media presence. The 'About' page says it all. The administrator claims to have the capability to provide the following for fans: 

"Exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world"*,
"Promotion (including your social media accounts) to help you get noticed"*

The page is clearly all about the business of getting noticed. And boy, did it succeed in doing just that. Only, it's not exactly for the best of reasons

The controversial page is now under fire for posting a photo containing a rape joke. Netizens were not so thrilled. 

According to Inquirer Pop, the page in question posted this rather offensive photo:

Netizens Cry Foul Over RBreezy Rape Joke!

Offended netizens did not waste time in showing their disgust for the photo. And no one can really say that they were wrong for doing so. The photo in question contained a quote that any sensible person would probably find insulting. 

The quote read: "Hindi ka magagahasa kung eenjoyin mo."

This did not sit well with concerned netizens. 

A lot of people agree that the person responsible for the photo seemed to trivialize the whole concept of sexual abuse. The photo was even accompanied by a caption that sounded like the person responsible for it was inviting a discussion, urging fans to "tag their rapist friend"**, complete with hashtags. The administrator of the page seemed to think the photo was harmless. Other people on the internet, a considerable number in fact, did not.

Some netizens took matters into their own hands and proceeded to start an online petition to shut down RBreezy. The petition was posted on 

As of this writing, the petition has gained 1027 supporters. 

Following the criticism, RBreezy came out with several replies to what it refers to as its "haters".

Netizens Cry Foul Over RBreezy Rape Joke!



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