Netizens Call Out Support For Revival Of 'Tunay Na Pelikulang Pilipino'!


With the Philippine cinema continuously evolving, no one can predict what movie-goers are going to buy and patronize. There is no wonder why typical love stories, romantic plots and hilarious scenes are dominating the Philippine movie industry. Millennials are movie producers' primary targets so it is just reasonable if these kinds of films are what our cinema embodies today. What the audience wants is what the directors and producers give.

Considering the classification of movies present in today's movie theatres, it can be observed that action-filled movies are being off the screen. One of the reasons for this is the fact that creating action movies today is quite expensive. With the required materials, effects and production designs, it is difficult for producers to ensure quality action movies that will hit the box office. There is no assurance if the millennials will patronize such movie genre today. As a result, movies about guns and goons are slowly depleting and are threatened to be taken out of the Philippine cinema streamline completely.

Fortunately, the Philippine population is not made up entirely of millennials only. There are still Filipinos who are looking for this kind of movie genre. Fans of actions stars such as Robin Padilla, Lito Lapid, Philip Salvador, Ronnie Rickets, Cesar Montano and etc., are still thirsty of seeing movies field with gunshots, explosives and physical combat. They seemed to miss these traditional Filipino movies.

Just recently, a behind-the-scene photos of Robin Padilla's newest action movie, 'Badboy III', have been circulating the social media. The photos showed Robin and his goons in their combat attire and their powerful guns. 

The viral photos enticed many netizens as they recall traditional action movies that once hit the Philippines' box office.

Netizens Call Out Support For Revival Of 'Tunay Na Pelikulang Pilipino'!

Netizens Call Out Support For Revival Of 'Tunay Na Pelikulang Pilipino'!



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