Must Watch Video: Filipino Man Walks in 6-Inches Heels Better Than We Do!


Filipinos are huge fans of pageants and this has once again been proven after the recently-concluded 65th Miss Universe pageant.

Fans remained positive after Philippine's bet Maxine Medina reached the top 6 but failed to advance to the final 3. However, many cannot deny the disappointment they felt after the country failed to get a back-to-back win.

Filipino model, comedian and online entertainer Sinon Loresca thought of a way to lift the spirits of the crestfallen Filipinos. In honor of Maxine who bravely represented the country, Loresca made a show of his own as he tried the Miss Universe walk on a pair of high heels.

With his ripped and bulky body along with his toned abs, the man stripped down to a Speedo and a pair of beige six-inches heels.

On the viral video, Loresco recreated the distinctly beautiful walk of 26-year-old model and designer Medina.

Netizens showed appreciation for the funny and equally amazing video.

Also, some others applauded the man saying he not only entertains the online community but also makes time for street children.

"I've seen a video of this man giving a homeless kid food and kiss the kid without any disgust, that act more manly than other guy who wears sneakers and jordans," shared netizen Timothy Layuk Allo.

"He's not only good in walking in heels.... he also have a good heart... he's famous here in our country not because he's a comedian or a gay on television... Its because he came from a not so wealthy family and yet still he have time to be charitable especially with street childrens," commented netizen Mark Bryan Orio.

Despite some disapproval from people who found it offensive to see a man strutting in heels, many defended him for a great job he did to make Filipinos happy.

"Come on mate give sinon a break, at least he makes an effort to make people happy. Sinon knows that some people won't be pleased of what he's doing. Alam nya na merun negative reactions kahit papano but he still choose na pasayahin Ang nkararami. U need to understand we're already in a world full of stress and indifferences and all sinon wants is to put a smile sa mga kababayan natin and I think he deserves a credit for that," said netizen Robert Knox.

This man is truly amazing! Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: TNP, Facebook

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