A Guy Killed His Female Neighbor After She Declined to Kiss Him! Shocking!


Crimes of passion are often the deadliest ones because they are committed by the ones closest to the victim, usually their loved ones. Typically the criminal commits the act against the person because of a strong, sudden impulse that stems from rage, jealousy, and other strong emotions.

Such is the case of a mother named Janelle Mangaluban, who was slashed to death in the neck because she declined a kiss from her male neighbor, Jayson del Valle.

According to GMA News, the suspect was the 'kumpare' of her husband. Janelle's body was found by her relatives inside her house early on Thursday morning. She has a three-year-old child who also sustained wounds on the neck.

Janelle's relatives immediately brought her to the hospital while the authorities got a hold of Jayson, who hid in the attic of the house or in the 'kisame.' According to the authorities, Jayson might have been waiting for the evening so that he could escape the crime scene. They also confirmed that Jayson was indeed the 'kumpare' of the victim's husband.

Jayson confessed that he saw Jenny walking along their street around Wednesday midnight, where the victim claimed that she had troubles trying to sleep. Since she's the wife of his 'kumpare,' Jayson offered to accompany her to their house and have a drink.

After their drinking session, Jayson said that his mind immediately went blank when he saw Janelle lying down inside the bedroom. "Nasilip ko sa kwarto na ganun, parang nablangko ako, nagawa ko yung ganung krimen," he stated. "Nakita ko siyang nakakumot, nakalabas yung kalahati ng underwear."

Jayson recalled that he tried kissing the victim, to which Janelle declined and as a result, he got a knife from the kitchen. He said that before he slashed her on the neck, "nagpambuno sila."

Janelle's three-year-old child, who's a girl, also sustained slashes from Jayson because according to him, she kept crying during the crime. Jayson asked for apologies to the victim's relatives for the crime he had committed.

Here's the whole report about the incident:

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Source: TNP, GMA

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