Miss Netherlands Thankful For Pinoys' Love For Her Viral Video - Says She's a Real 'Single Lady'


Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory may not have won the 65th Miss Universe pageant but she did manage to win something just as precious as the title – the hearts of the many netizens who saw her dance.

Zoey, a professional dancer, admitted she was overwhelmed by the amount of positive attention she got after viral videos of her dancing to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies” trended all over social media.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, the 23-year-old said dancing was her way of relaxing herself during the dress rehearsals. She never thought about getting the attention of onlookers.

“They said we can relax during the rehearsal so when I heard the music I was just being me,” she said. “At first I didn’t even notice that people were looking at me. Then I started to hear the cheering and then I said, ‘Oh my God, people are looking at me.’ Then I went a little more full out.”

When asked how she memorized the steps for the hit song, Zoey said she practiced the routine when she was 17 years old for a wedding. She even asked two of her classmates to be her backup dancers.

“Two men were going to get married and they asked me if I can perform ‘Single Ladies’ on their wedding because it’s funny and they’re gay,” she admitted. “We just watched the video and just copied it. That’s how I memorized the steps.”

As of this writing, Miss Netherland’s viral video has reached over 15 million views with many netizens voicing out their love for her charming display of character.

“I definitely want to come back because I love the people here so much. I love the weather, I love the country so I need to come back,” Zoey said.

The beauty queen also had this tongue-in-cheek announcement for all the bachelors.

“And I’m a single lady. Yes, I’m a single lady. Someone should put a real ring on this,” she said jokingly, pointing at her right ring finger.

Watch her video thanking all of her fans for their support here!

Watch the viral video that made her instantly famous!


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