Meet Julia Montes' Beautiful 'Doble Kara' Body Double, Jacqui Leus!


In a showbiz production, there are many people who play important parts on-set but never get to be featured in the limelight. 

In Julia Montes' successful series, 'Doble Kara', one of these unsung heroes is no other than her body double, Charlene Jacqui Ann Leus.

During 'Doble Kara's' final press conference, Julia took the opportunity to thank Jacqui. The actress humbly attributed the teleserye's success to her and mentioned that she was an essential part of the series. Julia also thanked her for holding on until the very end of their show.

"Gusto ko lang din i-take 'yung opportunity na ‘to. Sa kambal ko na from the very start hanggang end, nakasama ko po. Marami po sila, pero itong isa pong taong ‘to, itong isang babaeng ‘to, si Jacqui Leus, wala po kayong makikitang ginagampanan ko at ginagawa ko 'yung kambal na magkaiba without her. Ino-offer ko po ‘to sa kaniya. Wala din ang success ng “Doble Kara” without her.” Julia said during the press conference.

In her statements, it can be perceived that Julia really owes part of Doble Kara's success to Jacqui Leus.

But who exactly is Jacqui Leus?

Aside from being a part of 'Doble Kara's' on-set productions, Jacqui is also an academic achiever. According to an article by ABS-CBN, Jacqui is a 24-year old pharmacist who graduated from UST

Jacqui's acting talent was honed by her constant attendance in Star Magic workshops. She was also a part of Jane Oineza's 'Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita' in 2015.

Jacqui's story of becoming Julia's double was quite unusual. She auditioned for a different character and because of her talent, the production decided to hire her as Chloe's (Patricia Javier) secretary. 

However, the show's director Manny Palo noticed that she had a similar physical build to Julia Montes. After Jacqui agreed to change her haircut and hair color, her scenes as Julia's double were immediately shot.

According to Jacqui, she was the only one who remained as Julia's double. Originally, she was only asked to double for Kara, one of Julia's characters in the teleserye. But when the other doubles for Sara (the other character portrayed by Julia) quit, the production team decided to hire her as the double for both characters.

Being able to work with Julia for two years, Jacqui shared with ABS-CBN the Daytime Drama Queen's best asset. According to her, Julia is a down-to-earth person. She humbles herself despite being incredibly popular. 


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