SHOCKING: Man Ripped to Shreds By Tigers After Entering Their Enclosure! Watch This!


Following the horrible death of Harambe the Gorilla last year after a 4-year-old boy accidentally fell into his cage, a man has been brutally ripped apart to his death by tigers after he trespassed into their space.

According to the witnesses, the man walked into the isolated area, and even crossed the rivers that divide the visitors and the animals at around 2:30 pm in the Ningbo Youngor Zoo in Zhejiang, east China. The tigers were feeding at that time and was clearly threatened of his presence.

As a result, they mauled him before dragging his body under the trees. The zoo keepers tried to scare them away with firecrackers and water canon, but the big cats remained undeterred. They rip his shirt off and left him soaking with blood, laying face down on the ground. The zoo keepers had to shoot one of the tigers just to rescue the man. However, he later on died due to the severe injuries he suffered.

The zoo was closed at 3pm and at around 3:15, police and the local forestry bureau arrived to take action regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, the man earned hate instead of sympathy from netizens. One commented: "I'm not being funny what posses you to get into an enclosure with a tiger!! Fuck sake and then the one that ends up dead and forgotten is the poor tiger. Man enters enclosure and gets killed. My response to that is good!!!!!!! Stupid twat!!"

The post already garnered 12 thousand reactions and over 4.7 thousand comments which mostly criticized the poor man.


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