Man Falls Asleep While Driving A Motorcycle. What Happens Next Is Shocking!


A certain motorist went viral across social media after he fell asleep while driving his motorcycle!

The incident occurred in Thailand and another motorist was able to capture the bizarre moment. At the start of the video, the rider can be seen driving along the road. But after some time, the rider's body began to slump over his side, appearing to lose his consciousness. While he regained his control again briefly, he began to drive towards different directions and was clearly out of his senses. 

The driver of the car who was capturing the video tried to blow his horn loudly at the rider but to no effect. The motorcycle ran in a zigzag before almost crashing to the pavement, after which the car's driver screamed in panic. However, the motorcycle was able to veer at the last minute and survive the crash.

But the rider was out of luck. At the end of the video, he was seen to have crashed into one of the bystanders. The motorcycle was seen lying on the ground but it was unclear whether its rider was injured or not. 

Many netizens were angered of the scenario saying that these riders cause a lot of accidents. Many noted how everyone should be careful and alert while on the road and to never drive when drunk or sleepy.

The video already garnered around 6,400 views.

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