Watch: This Man Wanted to Test His Venom Immunity so He Let Two of the World's Deadliest Snakes Bite Him And This Happened!


Tim Friede, a man from Wisconsin, has dedicated years of his life to finding a cure or vaccine against venomous snake bites.

However his methods are unconventional. The man tagged as "Venom Man" started by injecting controlled amounts of venom in his body in order to develop his immunity. Until he furthered his research by allowing snakes to bite him.

Despite the lack of formal training, laboratory or even funding, Friede has been doing this for more than a decade. Friede has received more than 160 snake bites in the span of 16 years, according to the Nerdist.

"I will not stop doing this until the vaccine is in the field, or I die," Friede said.

And not surprisingly, Friede has gone through instances where he really did almost die. In one instance, Friede ended up flat lining after getting bitten by two cobras.

The terror his wife went through in seeing Friede do what he does was unbearable which cost Friede his marriage. His wife ended 20 years of marriage on October of 2015.

Fortunately, the scientific community has not allowed the commitment and dedication of the man to go to waste as they recently took notice of his research.

 A Microbiologist from the University of California Dr. Brian Harley admitted that "the results are undeniable".

"Arguing with Tim's results- it's like arguing the sky is blue. It needs work, but it's real, and it fits what we know about immunology. There's no conflict here," Hanley, who works with Friede, said.

Friede and Hanley are currently working together under the Butterfly Sciences company in developing a human vaccine for snake bites. Hanley hopes to find funding for Friede in order to distribute their serum to people living in areas where snake bites are rampant.

In the video shared by Barcroft TV, the "venom man" lets two of the world's deadliest snakes bite him back-to-back without needing medical care afterwards. He has finally proven that his dedication and sacrifice has finally paid off.

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