The Old School Nokia 3310 Phone Is Now Making a Huge Comeback!


When the dawn of the smartphones radically changed the way we communicate, lots of brands and cellular manufacturers leaped into the market to create only the “smartest” smartphone out there. People opted for the thinnest and fastest one and so far, only iPhones and Samsung seem to be ruling the scene. 

LOOK! The Old School Nokia 3310 Phone Is Now Making a Huge Comeback! Read the Details Here!

But a recent report of Philippine Daily Inquirer revealed that one of the “first and sturdiest phones ever” is making a comeback. This is Nokia 3310, a classic feature phone that was praised for its extreme longevity in battery and its hard, durable case. 

Finnish manufacturer HMD Global Oy, the company responsible for buying the rights to sell Nokia phones, were reported to be launching Nokia 3310, along with Nokia 3 and 5, at the Mobile World Congress which would be held on February 27 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Nokia 6 will also be launched in the event, which is carrying an Android Nougat system. Nokia 3310 has a monochrome screen which measures 84x48. It also features a calculator, clock, and has games like Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi. 

Nokia 3310 was initially released during the turn of the 21st century. It has succeeded Nokia 3210 but has been phased out after the influx of smartphones.

The version that will be released would amount to 59 euros or roughly around three thousand, one hundred thirteen pesos (P3,113). However, its manufacturer is only eyeing the European consumer base as of now. No news of its launch in the North America and Asian countries have been released. 

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Source: TNPInquirer

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