This Girl's Video Of How You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day Goes Viral! You Have To Watch This!


The Internet is arguably one of the greatest creations of mankind to ever exist as it connects people to one another, making our world a little bit cozier. Special occasions can now be celebrated with many people, like the upcoming Day of Hearts. 

Take for example, this little Filipina girl and her lecture on Valentine’s Day.

“Walang mag-ba-Valentine’s Day! Tama na ‘yan!” is what a little Filipina girl introduced herself with, calling herself Forever Girl. Ironically, she is against the celebration of love that originated from St. Valentine. Possibly the cutest video you will see today, and surprisingly full of truth and substance, the little girl slams the hypocrisy she observed from couples around her.

She points out Rule #1: “Kapag nasa jeep kayo, nasa bus, o nasa tricycle, ‘pag may nakita kayong nag-ho-holding hands o nag-de-date, sasabihin niyo, ‘Maghihiwalay din kayo!'"

Rule #2 basically says that one should not entertain people’s messages that ask for your friendship because it will lead to them giving you roses or chocolates.

Last is Rule #3, “Tatakas kayo sa bahay niyo at sasabihin sa mommy at daddy na, pakinggan mo to, ‘yun pala makikipag kita sa boypren at gerlpren. ‘pag kayo nagkita, sapak ang mukha!”

She ends her genius speech with “Walang mag-ba-Valentine’s Day!”

Netizens are speechless and cracking up, possibly affected by all the things she said. No truer words have been spoken, and it’s coming out of a little girl.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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