Kris Aquino’s Responds to a Basher Who Called Her and Her Family 'Abnormal!'


They don’t call her the Queen of All Media for nothing, and Kris Aquino once again showed off her wit after a keyboard warrior called her “abnormal” in the comments section of her Instagram account.

The 45-year old Philippine media legend and former presidential sister responded in a way that only a classy lady such as herself can.

A certain @carlaren_0809 called Kris “abnormal” after rumors spread about her and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista possibly getting back together and that she might come back to work for ABS-CBN

The basher wrote: “Ay naku kris kong ako magpitak ka ng bugok na itlog sa utak mo. Tutal Abnormal ka namn gaya ng kapatid mo at anak mong mga abnormal...puro dasal dasal pang nalalamn ang TULO n kris na to.As if namn may itatago ka pa e ladlad nmn n lahat ng baho ng buhay mo.Kaya nalng kaya ng kuya mong abnormal na kumakain ng kulangot ang mag asawa para namn may forever kaung dalwa.”


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