Kisses Fell Asleep Inside a Plane But When She Woke Up And Saw She Was in the Air, This Happened! Must Watch!


Recently, PBB housemate Kisses created yet another big buzz across social media after 'Big Brother' made her try extreme activities as part of the pair challenges. They went to experience the Hot Air Balloon Festival, a first for most of the housemates.

They went on to ride the ultralight plane, where they went in pairs. When it was Kisses and Yong's turn, they were both ecstatic! However, Kisses was very tense and kept screaming even before the plane took off.

But minutes later, Kisses started dozing off while the plane was preparing for take off. The plane's captain, Captain Erwin, kept on asking her if is she was sleeping or just closing her eyes. When the plane was finally in the air, Kisses woke up disoriented and started screaming again. There were parts where she enjoyed flying, but always went back to being terrified. In the middle of flying, Kisses seemed to have gotten tired of screaming and started dozing off again.

She slept until the plane landed. Yong went to her right away and woke her up. 

The video drew laughs from among the netizens and immediately went viral. Many loved how Kisses has always been this "real" all through out her stay inside the PBB house. 

Meanwhile, Kisses is one of the nominated housemates this week, together with Yong, Nonong, and Jinri

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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