JUST IN: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes About Her Alleged PHP 121 Million: 'Kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat!'


Early on Thursday, Feb 16, 2017, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV brought back the issue of President Duterte's so-called ill-gotten wealth. 

Sen. Trillanes made claims on Thursday that his most recent investigation revealed that the President's common law wife, Cielito "Honeylet" Avancena is reportedly involved in the president's accumulation of ill-gotten money. 

The senator gave out copies of an 18-page document to the media that contains what he believes to be proof that connects Avancena to the alleged millions that Duterte has supposedly illegally acquired. 

Trillanes' latest revelation against the president's common-law partner showed that Avancena also had numerous bank accounts under her name. The bank accounts were allegedly used by Avancena in transactions that handled about 200 million pesos. 

In an apparent callback to his first revelation of a similar nature last April 2016, the senator dared the president to "prove him wrong". 

JUST IN: Sara Duterte Challenges Sen. Antonio Trillanes: 'Kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat!'

"Ilabas mo ang tapang mo dito. Ipakita mo na mali ako," Trillanes proclaimed. 

The senator added that he would resign as a senator if his claims would be proven untrue. 

A few hours after Trillanes spoke to the media on Thursday, Davao City mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte responded to the senator's claims. 

Sara Duterte's response to Trillanes' challenge was a challenge of her own:

"If Trillanes can show where my alleged Php 121 million is right now and how it became illegal, kunin natin at ibigay ko sa inyo lahat." 

According to GMA News, Sara Duterte also had the following to say for Trillanes:

"Wala akong postura labas sa kung ano ang nakikita ng lahat. I never pretended to be what I am not."

"I read the press statement of Trillanes and the challenge to answer the allegations was addressed to the President. Let us allow PRD to decide on how he wants this issue to go down." She added.

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Source: TNP , GMA

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