Judges Make Fun Of This 14-Year-Old Filipina But Did Not Expect This When She Started Singing!


Another Filipino pride emerges outside the country. Truly, whenever Filipinos hit the stage - local or international - they nail it and amaze almost everyone.

Marlisa Punzalan, a 14-year-old talented girl whose parents are both Filipinos, stunned the judges of X Factor 2014 during her auditions. She sang the Beatles' hit "Yesterday." 

Punzalan is currently a high school student. She admitted that she doesn't talk much because she really is naturally shy. It is her dream "to be confident like all other girls."

During her auditions, Redfoo noticed that Punzalan is wearing unique pants and madea little joke out of it.

"My auntie gave them to me, yeah, I think they're really funky," Punzalan replied.

The 14-year-old shared that she likes ballads. 

After her performance, the judges obviously looked flustered. They instantly gave the shy girl a standing ovation because of her incredible voice.

They did not expect it from a girl her age.

Redfoo commented, “That is the biggest voice I ever heard on a 14-year-old.”

Punzalan got into the competition and moved on to the next stage which is the boot camp.

Ronan Keating was her coach during her X Factor journey. Until the end of the show, Punzalan showcased her outstanding talent which inspired a lot of people and made Filipinos proud.

She triumphed as the grand winner of X Factor Australia 2014 with her own single "Stand By You."

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