Jesus Christ Spotted Walking On The Waters? WATCH HERE!


A particular video in Facebook has been creating a buzz among netizens right after it was posted. It shows a video of blurry figure of man walking on the waters in a sea. Some people insists that the figure is Jesus Christ.

This is in reference to one of the stories in the Bible where Jesus Christ walked on the waters and even invited one of his disciples, Peter to walk with him. However, not all netizens were convinced with the story. One netizen explained that the figure might be a result of clouds accumulating in that particular area which resembled a man figure from afar. Another suggested that the figure might be a faraway building and that the one capturing the video was the one moving. 

Many Christians insisted that Jesus wouldn't be seen walking on earth as the Bible says a different story about his second coming. One netizen commented: "Sabi sa Bible ang Muling pagbalik nya ay hindi isa oh sampung tao lang ang kakakasaksi kundi buong mundo ang makakakita sa knya...wag kayu maniwala sa sabi sbi na nandun si Jesus...sapagkat sbi nya marami ang malilinlang sa mga Bulaang Propeta at apostol...
Mgbasa ng Bible para my alam..."

Another agreed with the mentioned comment and said "Jesus is now seated in right hand of His Father wearing victors crown the King of all kings Lord of all lords.. “So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it." Jesus said. Matthew 24:26"

The video garnered 235 thousand views as of this writing and 20 thousand reactions. 

Watch it below and judge for yourself:

Source: TNP, KAMI

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