Is Miss Venezuela a Mean Contestant? Watch What She Does to Miss Colombia's Back Here!


A video featuring Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach and Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar has gone viral.

The short 16 second clip features both beauty queens on the red carpet of Miss Universe. Mariam Habach can be seen reaching over and pinching Andrea Tovar's back.

It's unclear why Miss Habach pinched her fellow beauty queen in the back.

Some speculate it was playful teasing - others believe that Miss Venezuela might be a mean candidate.

Regardless, netizens on Facebook were not too pleased seeing Miss Colombia's hurt reaction. Tovar even mouthed the word "ouch" when she turned to face Miss Venezuela.

The Facebook video has garnered at least 441,000+ views and 4K reactions since being uploaded on January 31.

Watch the interaction between them here!

Was Miss Venezuela being a mean-spirited contestant? Or was she simply playing around and Miss Colombia wasn't too pleased? You be the judge in comments!
Source: TNP , Socialtrendsph

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