This Netizen Cried After Seeing This 6-Year-Old Girl Working In The Fields Instead Of Studying And Playing! Watch This Heartbreaking Video!


Life is hard and full of challenges. Anybody who wasn’t born into a wealthy family can expect to have to work for their next meal. 

One way of escaping the difficulties of poverty is through a proper education. Education aims to expand a child’s skill sets in various fields in the sciences, arts, and mathematics. Better skills mean more job opportunities

Indeed many average Filipinos tend to look for a job as soon as they graduate - some of them even get jobs while studying - in order to support themselves and their families. 

Unfortunately, the allure of making your own money is the reason why some children decide to leave school altogether.

These children work so their families can eat. 

Is it unfair to the children? It surely is.

A trending Facebook post showed the struggles of one such child on social media. 

Instead of Studying, This Poor Little Girl is Working in the Fields!

Netizen Chaddy Yang shared the heartbreaking video and pictures of a poor little girl working in the fields. 

In his post, he wrote: "Nakakaawang pobring bata
kaya kayong mga kabataan ngayon epasalamat nyo kung ano meron kayo dahil yung ibang bata nag tratrabaho at di na nag aaral dahil sa hirap ng buhay. huhuhu"

She was covered in dirt while wearing a ragged blouse and skirt. She doesn’t look like she owns a pair of shoes or even slippers at the very least. 

Instead of Studying, This Poor Little Girl is Working in the Fields!



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