Chinese Lady Roast a Live Puppy! This Is Horrible!


Warning: The following pictures contain disturbing and graphic images. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Although some cultures treat dogs as a source of food, many people would much rather keep dogs as companions rather than lunch. 

These loyal animals have been mankind's best friend for generations now - even if people hasn't been too kind to them in return.

Regardless of a person's culture, abuse is still abuse. This is one such case.

Photos of a Chinese woman roasting a live puppy have gone viral – and netizens are furious over it.

Horrible! Picture of Chinese Lady Roasting a Live Puppy!

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In the first photo, a black puppy was seen standing around without trouble. Soon after, its neck was clamped down using a pair of tongs by the Chinese lady and his body was held over an open flame. The woman’s neighbors watched without trying to stop her.

Horrible! Picture of Chinese Lady Roasting a Live Puppy!


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