Her Husband Had a Heart Attack, but When the Cops Mentioned the Person Who Was There When They Came It Wasn't Her!


A certain woman earned praise from netizens after saving a man who had a heart attack while driving on the Texas interstate one fine day.

According to the story shared by Little Things, Alan suddenly experienced chest pains while he was driving. He didn't know what to do but he managed to drive the car into the safe zone before passing zone.

Little did he know that a woman was right behind him and took notice of what was happening. She immediately called 911 and even went to Alan's vehicle to check on him. But not just that! She stayed there until the ambulance and paramedics arrived!

Alan spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit but later on survived the attack. He is now out of the ICU and is now recuperating. His wife Joy and their 4 children, can't believe that this happened without anyone of them present to help him. They knew how crucial every second is during a heart attack and they can't thank this woman enough. However, the police declined to give them any information of the stranger woman. Joy then decided to have it her own way and posted it on Facebook, asking the help of the netizens who might have any information about this good samaritan.

They finally met and watch the video below to find out what happened!

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Source: TNP , LittleThings

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