These Two Sisters Have Been Fighting Each Since They Were Kids But You Will Not Believe How They Loved Each Other Again! Must Watch!


Sibling rivalry is inevitable when you have two or more siblings. It happens when the parents favor one child more than the other. In fact, the phenomenon is a common motif in local television series, where two sisters or brother compete against each other— for inheritance, wealth, or basically anything that involves both of them

Sibling rivalry can be extremely dangerous because it could go on even after childhood and in turn, taint the relationships of the siblings who are supposed to nourish and care for each other. 

In a footage released by Facebook fan page NTB Television, we can see two sisters can be seen fighting. However, something happened towards the end which saved their relationship and brought them together again, just as they have always been. 

Here’s the story. We have two girls, the elder one and the younger one. The video starts with the elder being spanked by her mother after she saw her spanking the younger sister for a mistake.

Ever since then, the relationship between the two sisters has never been the same. It is always the elder one who is left cleaning up after her younger sister, who grew up being coddled with affection and love. She was not as scolded as often as the elder one, even though it was she (the younger one) who has the rebellious streak

The video ends on a heartbreaking note when the elder sister realized that her younger sister is facing something that would extremely affect the latter’s lifespan. Suddenly, her elder sister instinct kicked in and she became ready to help her younger sister through that sorrowful ordeal



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