Young Girl Bravely Defends Herself From Guy Who Attempted To Take Advantage On Her Inside LRT!


This particular girl earned praises from netizens after she punched a guy who took advantage of her inside the LRT.

The young student was identified as Ryiene Espino and photos of her went viral immediately after her friend, Nicole Sumagui, posted them on Twitter yesterday, January 31, 2017. The photos show Espino with a bandaged right hand due to the injury she sustained from the punch.

According to Sumagui, a guy was trying to take advantage of her friend. While other girls would have stayed quiet and accepted what was happening, Espino stood her ground and punched the guy right in the face! The punch was so hard she reportedly broke her fist.

Sumagui captioned the photo saying:

"Diz young thug just punched a guy in the LRT for taking advantage of her!!!!! FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL JSYK #girlpower#DONTUS"

GIRL POWER: Young Girl Punches A Pervert on the LRT!

Espino earned numerous praises from netizens who believe that women should be treated fairly and with respect. She also became an inspiration to some who claim that women shouldn't ignore harassment and such acts should never be justified.



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